Minneapolis , MN

The Anderson Family

Brighton Anderson
Jaundice & Complications

Brighton was born Oct 27th and was transferred to NICU with high bilirubin levels, he was expected to recover from jaundice and other complications within a couple weeks but ended up staying over 50 days in the NICU at Fairview hospital in Edina, MN. He was most recently transferred December 23rd to HCMC pediatrics ward where he is now with no expected discharge date.  Brighton’s Dad has used all of his paid leave at work and has had to miss work on a regular basis to care for Brighton. Due to the missed work, gas, medical bills, and parking costs this has put our family in a financial hardship that will take months if not years to recover from.  We hope to have our baby Brighton home as soon as possible and ask you keep our family in your prayers. Thank you in advance for any donations and prayers you can send our way!

-The Anderson Family 

January 27, 2020
Great news!!! 1-19-20

Brighton has finally made it home! He will be having a home care nurse visit and regular doctor check ups, but we are ecstatic to FINALLY have our baby home!  It will be a long road ahead to overcome the financial costs this has set our family back and we are so grateful to everyone who has shared and donated to help our family!!  We also are extremely grateful for all the prayers sent our way and would appreciate if you continued to keep our family in your prayers!  We are are almost 1/4th of the way to our fundraising goal in just 3 days, and we still have 160 days to go to hit that goal! Please continue to share if you are able!  Thank you!  

❤️  The Anderson Family