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Premature Birth

My name is Janet Rodriguez I'm 39 years old, one of the happiest days was August 26,2020 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was working full time with a mandated mask policy. I constantly felt out of breath and very tired. I was 22 weeks when I found out I was pregnant in August of 2020. They diagnosed me chronic hypertension that could lead to preclampsia. The specialist said I was allowed to continue working so I did my baby was sue December 29th. I went for all my assigned check ups. On October 26th I went for a regular check up in Dickinson, I was immediately admitted to the hospital being that my blood pressure was 180bp. I did not understand the look in the Drs eyes I will never forget, they told me I had to be transported to Bismarck by ambulance because they didn't have a NICU.  There I was not allowed to return to work until I delivered the baby. I delivered my baby girl Cyrene on 11/09/20 by emergency C-Section. I wasn't able to have a baby shower being that she was early I had a Csection and was not working. I was released on 11/13/20 I live in Dickinson Cyrene stayed in NICU in Bismarck until 12/06/20 I found myself in a desperate situation not able to drive and with COVID-19 staying isolated as much as possible so that I didn't get infected. I couldn't stay in a hotel for financial reasons. I have asked to borrow money to keep up with my bills rent utilities etc. Our medical bills combined were close to $170,000 Medicaid did want to cover for the months that I worked, but I called and asked for them to help me out with part of it. They did help out thank God prayer goes a long way. I'm asking for help something I never like to do, but my pride is not as strong as the love I have for my blessing my beautiful daughter Cyrene. I want these funds to cover for my medical bills for the time being until I return to work on April 2021. I want to enjoy her a few months before I go back to work. My job unfortunately does not have maternity leave benefits. I want to bond with her. She was born at 32 weeks 3lbs 7oz I feel terrible for not being able to have a full term baby. She had to learn to breath and eat so she could be released, a lot of stress for a child and myself. Im taking one day at a time I didn't want to ask for help but it's very hard and stressful, also because preeclampsia can occur even 6 months after giving birth. This will help me bounce back to life faster without extra debt. Thank you for your blessed hearts of this organization.

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