The Auer Family

Minneapolis, MN
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5 months
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Archer Auer

Archer was born in the morning at home. The midwife knew something was wrong right away, and an ambulance was called. Anna and babe were rushed to Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children's where the care team went into action to diagnose, treat and stabilize their sweet boy. Gastroschisis is a short Google search away; but to sum it up, it is a defect of the baby's abdominal wall. Archer's intestines (and also his Liver) were found outside of his belly at birth, exited through a hole beside his belly button. Depending on severity, treatment can be weeks to several months. Unfortunately, Archer's defect is severe. Along with his diagnosis, Archer's lungs are also severely underdeveloped. He is unable to breath on his own. His situation is critical, and the family asks for your constant thoughts and prayers.

As for Anna, Chris and Eleanor, they are being supported by some very loving friends and devoted family. Leaving the hospital without a baby is a nightmare no parent prepares for, and with the world complicated by Covid-19, they are even more burdened by the state of affairs of visiting their baby, along with caring for Eleanor. The family is thankful for your meals & gifts... but mostly your love and prayers for them. They are on a difficult journey, but they are hopeful. 

January 26, 2021
Archer update January 26!

Archer is still uncomfortable. The medical team is doing what they can to sort things out and manage his pain, but a lot of unknowns still remain. Mom is exhausted, and Dad is too. Their hope is for him to rest over the next few days, to let his body calm. Here's hoping...🤞🏼 Archer has been switched to a larger room, in the Infant Care Center (ICC), so he has shed his NIC-U title. He has more tubes and wires for the time being, so mom & dad are working around those again. Anna was supposed to start back at work this week, but knew it wasn't time, especially considering recent events. As a card-carrying member of Team Archer, I can easily say he has the strongest, funniest, most loving team of family and friends watching over him and his parents. In turn, those individuals are being held up by even more people through prayer, Eleanor-duty & meal deliveries. If you consider the messiness of what's happening around our Country right now, you only have to look at Team Archer and beyond to know that these are the type of people that make up our communities, watch over our children and make us whole. Keep the faith. Keep the perspective. And just keep going, Anna & Chris. We love you. And sincere thanks from the entire Team Archer clan. ♥️