Maplewood, MN

The Bendorf Family

Isaiah Bendorf
Chronic Illness

My son is 16 years old.  He has 15 disabilities. He started having complications at 1 week old.  It’s only gotten worse as he has gotten older.  So many things going on all the time.  He is confined to the home for the most part. Due to an Immune Deficiency. His body does not produce white blood cells. He has a port in his chest that goes to his heart .  They give him infusions to try and help and keep him a bit healthier.  He also has a gtube, ace tube and a dexcom.   He has majors sensory issues with food due to Autism. So gtube is the way he eats. He has bowel empty issues so we use an ace and clean him out every night.  It’s a rough process for him.  He has hypoglycemia that’s what dexcom is used for.  His sugars can drop to 20.  Very, very scary. Isaiah has many other medical issues and mental.  He has Asthma, Bipolar, PTSD, Apraxia, Epilepsy, scoliosis and wears a body brace and leg braces. He has OCD, ODD he is mentally delayed.  Sever low muscle tone.  He is wheel chair bound long distance.  He has 2 gene disorders as well.  He takes 20 meds a day.  He tube feeds 5 times a day. He wears O2 to sleep cause he gets tired fast.  He also is in depends due to sensory issues. Yet he still smiles and loves life.  HE IS TRULY AN AMAZING BOY.   I am unable to work to care for him. It’s him and I and I do it all.  I would do it all over again.  He has taught me so much about life and the true meaning. I am struggling so badly.  My home is at risk with all this stuff going on in the world.  I do not know what to do. I can not loose my home and make us homeless.  I have no family other than my mother and she can not help me.  I have no other  support.  It is my son and me against the world.  I will fight tooth and nail for him and do what ever it takes to care for him.  I am lost and need help.  Please help my sweet boy stay in our home.  This is about my son not me.  I can go hungry or with out but he can not.  Please help.  PLEASE HELP 



It’s been an up and down couple days.  The infection is clearing with meds but caused another side issues.  Which we were sure was going to be something we would need to deal with.  We are struggling with the even more strict stay at home due to all that going on.  We have not updated in a few days.  We hope all Moms had a good day.  We are just trying to stay afloat.   

Prayers Please

Well things have become a bit scary. He has a infection in his ace Stoma.  We are on high doses of antibiotics and cream.  If not better in 7 days we may end up at children’s in surgery.  I am praying we don’t and am doing everything we need to .  He is in a lot of pain.  My sweet boy just can’t get a break.   We are almost to the goal we need to pay house payment.  I am so thankful.  Once we can pay that I can breath a bit.   Thank you all 

CT Scan

We will have no option but to go to children’s to see if our spine curving has changed.  We ar heaving a lot of swelling and pain.  So scared to take him to the clinic with him immune issue.  I just keep praying it works out ok.   Thank you all for helping and donating.  So very thankful.  Isaiah blows hugs and kisses .  

Been a Struggle

My sweet boy has truly had a rough week.  We are having scoliosis issues.  His body brace needs adjustment we think:  they are so worried about him going in.  Then we have had some seizures.  Not long one but they are affecting him.  He gets so worn out and tired.  WE ARE SO SO THANKFUL TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN DONATING.  We truly are so thankful and need as much help as we can get:  I would do anything to make sure he stays in his house. He deserves it.  Thank you again praying we can raise enough:  God Bless you all.  I don’t have family and not many friends.  Please share and help.

Help Pay My Morgage

Trying to get some therapy in at home.  Standing tall.  He says hello and thank you if you can help my mommy .