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    Logan Benoit
    Autoimmune Disease

    Logan has been struggling with Ulcerative Colitis since he was about 10-11 years old. Just this year he decided to stay with me permanently to finish out his senior year and go to college to be a welder. About a month ago Logan started getting sick. We thought he had Covid and it was negative. He was still not getting any better. So I took him to Children's Hospital to get checked out. Of course they ran another Covid test. You can never be too careful. The doctors ran a bunch of bloods tests, x-rays, imaging, scans, etc. Thankfully nothing points to cancer. The doctors did confirm hyperthyroidism. He also has autoimmune hepatitis. He also has a really bad flare up from his colitis. He had a liver biopsy done as well because it is inflamed.

    It has been almost a month and the doctors wanted to make sure they had the right diagnosis to give him the right medications. In the mean time I have been driving back and forth to the hospital. I took time off of work to be with Logan during the day and home at night to take care of his siblings. I am almost out of leave and have asked my work for donated leave. I am a veteran and a single mom with one income trying to make ends meet. Logan lost a lot of weight so I had to buy him new clothes. Parking every day costs money thankfully for now a social worker was able to provide some free parking vouchers. I am able to get meal vouchers so that I can eat for free but I also have food sensitivities so I am having to buy extra food to bring to the hospital. Logan has been eating a ton more being that he is on steroids and he needs to gain weight. According to county I am not eligible for food support and emergency funds being I am just over the income guidelines. Logan is getting medical assistance so the medical is not a problem. I normally work from home so saving money on gas is a plus but since Logan is in the hospital I am spending more money on gas. I am too tired when I get home to even cook for my other kids and they do know how to cook for themselves but they are still learning how to cook. I have been spending more money on food. I have tried locating food shelves that do deliver. I had an emergency fund but now that is gone trying to keep up with bills and taking care of my family needs. Once Logan gets home he going to need space and certain foods to help him heal his colon and liver. I want to get back to saving for my emergency fund etc. 

    July 13, 2021

    Logan had an ultrasound on his thyroid and it’s enlarged and his body is not responding to the thyroid medication. Doctors want to remove the thyroid. Surgery is scheduled for aug 10. Yesterday he had is adrenal glands checked. Docs wanted to make sure his kidneys are functioning. It’s been a struggle for Logan to take his meds every day. He is tired of being tired. He is tired of taking meds. He just wants to be a normal kid. He started Humira shots about a month ago and the doc recently upped the dosage. Praying this works. Next step is infusion. Then he would have to go to the clinic every two months or more and sit for 2 hours. Thank goodness Logan still likes to go outside and do things when he is not tired and sleeping. 

    June 16, 2021

    Logan has an appointment today with the GI doc going over labs. He has started Humara shot about a month ago and he seems to do a little better on it. He is refusing to take his pills every day which is a struggle. He says he is not depressed but I really think something is going on. His sleep schedule is off and he has little to no interest in finding friends. I’m getting him hooked up with our church to see about him joining a group. Praying Logan finds the strength he needs to keep going in life. Something has to change

    April 22, 2021

    So Logan possibly has another infection. GI called back today and wants to increase his meds and do a stool study. He tried prednisone for a week and it didn’t help at all. He just started his new job and hoping his illness doesn’t interfere. He so badly wants to keep working to save up for a car. Prayers for miracle healing. He is still struggling with why would God do this to him. 

    April 8, 2021

    so everyone in the household tested positive for covid except Logan. praying he doesn't get it but his ulcerative colitis is acting up real bad. I sent a message to the GI doc. we are waiting on a response otherwise in two weeks he has an appointment with the GI doc. not sure if it's from the new med he had to take to just need to adjust. no word yet either on whether he will have surgery on his thyroid. 

    March 16, 2021

    we just got word today that the pills Logan is currently taking might not be working. he had tests done and the GI doc debating on trying something else to help his liver and colon or wait for 6 weeks to take another test. in January endocrinologist was wanting to talk with the GI doc about maybe taking out Logan's thyroid to help logan's liver heal. the medication Logan is on for his thyroid does not help his liver. if logan gets his thyroid taken out he can go on different meds that won't affect the liver. right the the two docs are playing phone tag. Logan is not taking prednisone anymore so that's good but now he is taking a new med to help his colon. Logan is so tired of taking meds. he just wants to live a normal life. thank you for the donations. I really appreciate it. I have applied for a new job that pays more. praying this is Gods will. 

    January 27, 2021

    so far so good with Logan but now he has an infection in his colon. so the GI doc is wanting him to take antibiotics for two weeks and up the dosage on a couple of meds. ugh. the docs want him off of steroids but his body is not ready yet. right now dealing with a very moody child. he wants you work but right now I don't think it's a good idea but the docs say he could as long as he is not around to much public. follow up on labs probably next week or so then follow up in 2 weeks for the doctors to see how his immune system is doing. seems like there is a light at the end of this tunnel. just have to be patient

    December 15, 2020

    well Logan is getting his appendix removed today. praying no more issues come up. I have been struggling to keep up at work and I am almost out of leave. I have the option of leave without pay but I can't afford that. I'm praying that Logan is healed. 

    December 14, 2020

    we are back at the ER again. praying it's nothing or an adjustment of his meds. he hasn't been eating since yesterday and he is extremely tired and fever. I called his GI doc and Thyroid doc and they both said to contact his primary doc first. yep and they couldn't come up with anything else. so GI doc says to go to the ER at Mpls children's. st paul is not taking patients right now. GI wants him to stay for at least 24hr for observation. I'm praying for healing and answers of what is causing his body to attack himself. thank you for all your support.

    December 5, 2020

    Logan has been out of the hospital since Thursday. He seems to be doing well. Some activities make him tired quicker and he is eating well but not to where he used to be. Waiting on doctors to call to start follow ups with the autoimmune specialist, GI, and liver specialist. We do have emergency steroids in case he gets sick again. I am hoping that doesn't happen. Thank you everyone for the support and prayers. I really appreciate it. Praying the specialists find what is causing his issues. Appendix will be taken out in 6-8 weeks. 

    December 2, 2020

    just found out today that the doctors want to talk with an autoimmune specialist from the U of M. still in the hospital. maybe discharge Friday or Saturday. doctors want to switch him to oral meds and make sure he is eating well before discharge. 

    I did find out a couple days ago that Logan went through sepsis shock last Wednesday. that night went so fast and there was a lot going on. doctors are amazed of how fast he is recovering. the power of prayer