Lakeville, MN

The Brindise Family

Leo Brindise
Down Syndrome

Back in November 2017, we found out that our baby who was due 5/14/2018 had trisomy 21. Two weeks later we ended up in the PICU with our two year old being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Fast forward through many ultrasounds and preterm labor, our sweet baby joined us 6 weeks early and was in the NICU for 17 days. We were discharged home and ended back up in the hospital July 19th for his first open heart surgery. All went well except after surgery he went into complete heart block. So July 30th, we went back into surgery for a pacemaker. Surgery again went well except his mitral valve started leaking very badly. We have been in the hospital for 41 days this far. We just had his 3rd open heart surgery on August 28th. This has been a long journey full of many road blocks.

3rd Open Heart Surgery was a Success!

Leo had his 3rd open heart surgery since July 19th and it was successful. We thought for sure he would need a mechanical mitral valve but luckily his tissue was thick enough to sew the valve together! Thank you God!! We have been so grateful along this journey and continue to place our worries in God’s hands. Now it’s time to heal and start physical therapy to get Leo back to his normal self. After 50 long dad in the hospital, Leo is ready (and family) to be together as a family. His big sister, Amelia, is also a recent diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes so we have been juggling learning all about that as well!