Little Falls, MN

The Brown Family

Wallace Brown
Primary Immune Deficiency

Our little 11-month-old, Wally, was diagnosed with Hyper IgM syndrome in February of 2019. This is a very serious primary immune deficiency illness. Wally did not have an immune system to fight off viruses and infections. Fortunately, he was able to have a bone marrow transplant, which is a cure for this disease. The transplant recovery timeline is very long. Wally was in the hospital for 117 days and our family had to live away from home for 6 months, because after the transplant we were required to live near the hospital. Wally has many restrictions. One of which includes him not being able to go to daycare for a long period of time. I, Wally’s mother, had to quit my job to care for him. This has put a huge financial strain on our family. 

We are asking for donations to help with the cost of our mortgage for the next few months as we have had many additional expenses (medical costs, deductibles, travel expenses, etc) and have had a significant loss of income during this time. Any amount is a huge help for us. Thank you in advance. 


Mollie, Dylan, and Wally


Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


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