Auburn, WA

The Carter Family

JaKobe Carter
Brain Tumor

In January JaKobe started having seizures, he was then put on medication to control them while we waited to get an MRI in April, because of the start of Covid his MRI was canceled. We were finally able to get the MRI dont June 19th 2020 from that we learned that my little man had a tumor on his brain that was the potential cause of these seizures. July 8th he had surgery to remove the tumor and testing began since than we learned that the tumor they extracted was found to be a mix of both low-grade and high-grade Malignant. As we begin this very long journey im finding myself in a very challenging financial situation, I am a single mother with 3 little boys all under the age of 12 with no financial support, due to Covid and being a full-time bartender I was barely staying afloat as it was. Now with Radiation getting ready to start 5 days a week I worry that I will not be able to keep a roof over my children. 

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