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Oliver Cepeda

Baby Oliver was born at exactly 34 weeks, weighing 3lbs 13oz on August 15th, 2021. Oli is just a little peanut that has gone through so much in just a short time. He went from being in the NICU at birth to going home and be with his brothers and sisters. During this time beginning of Sept my kids started school, only to catch the RSV Virus. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid it and now baby Oli is dealing with RSV and the symptoms that come with it. He was admitted to the patient intensive care unit at Children’s  Minnesota Hospital receiving oxygen to help him breathe better. My husband and I are out of work at the time taking turns taking care of baby oli and our other children sick at home with RSV. This has been a very difficult time for us, and we have very little to no support and we are trying to figure out things as we go. Anything helps at this point. 

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