The Cisneros Family

San antonio , TX
$4,100.00 raised of $6,825.00
Medical Bills $3,000.00
1 months
Utilities – Electric $600.00
3 months
Mortgage/Rent $3,225.00
3 months
    Brittany Cisneros
    Brain Tumor

    Life is a blessing and has this far. A year a go I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that cane back for a second time. We immediately started medication that would shrink it but to no avail. Medication began to negatively affect me and was hard to keep up with medication and a newly adopted son who just learned to crawl. I agreed that although the surgery would be invasive I wanted to be sure to do everything I possibly could do to be a mother for many years. I experienced several complications during and post surgery.  My brain started to swell and I lost my vision in my left eye. My right eye isn't much better off because it distorts and leave double vision.  I am a strong 35 year old woman who has survived 2 strokes and will try to do everything to get back on my feet. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but it's not very bright. 

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