Saint Paul, MN

The Clifford Family

Robert Clifford
Prostate Cancer

Rob is a husband and father to Ian, 16, and Lindsay, 13. He was officially diagnosed with bladder cancer on February 3, 2020.  He underwent complete removal of his bladder and prostate on March 2 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It was replaced with an external pouching system. Following the surgery, we received some devastating news -- it had been found in his lymph nodes. Prior to surgery, we thought the cancer had been entirely contained in the bladder, which meant once it was removed, that would be the end of it. They had given us a 70% chance of survival before surgery. Once the positive lymph nodes were found, chemotherapy was added to the course of treatment, and his 70% chance of survival dropped to 30%.

Rob was an avid baseball player in his youth and has spread his love of the game and knowledge as a youth coach for years. He also coached basketball in the winter months. Since he is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, he hasn't been able to work since February. 

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