The Ellis Family

West fargo, ND
$500.00 raised of $3,390.00
Mortgage/Rent $3,390.00
2 months
    Christella Ellis

    My name is Ashley I am a mother of 3 daughters. My oldest was diagnosed with retts syndrome. She has recently been having significant and dangerous seizures and throwing up during her episodes. My biggest fear is that she will choke on her vomit when she's sleeping or I'm not there to know when she has the seizures at school. At times they are visibly undetectable and I don't know when she is having an episode every time. We are currently in the hospital going on 2 weeks now as my daughter is fighting for her life. She has a infection that triggered those seizures along with attacking different parts of her body. I need help with covering bills and rent while im taking care of my child.

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