The Estrada Family

Boiling Springs, SC
$1,934.00 raised of $1,803.00
Car Payment $969.00
3 months
Insurance - Auto $384.00
3 months
Utilities - Phone $450.00
3 months
    Eliana Estrada
    Heart Defect

    Eliana was born at 29 weeks weighting 1 pound 14 oz. Eliana was diagnosed with a PDA shortly after birth and treated with three rounds of medication. Unfortunately the medication was not successful and she was transferred to MUSC for surgery. Upon arriving Eliana was diagnosed with a Double Aortic Arch. Shortly after arriving she got sick with pneumonia and was placed on a jet ventilator for 12 days. Since then Eliana was able to get of the jet ventilator and was placed on a conventional ventilator. Eliana awaiting heart surgery as the cardiologists are trying to figure out the best approach. Eliana is now three hours away from us. We go down each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to visit. During this time we the added expense of gas, food and lodging. Nothing is harder then being away from our sweet girl and we are praying for more answers about surgery soon.  

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