Northfield, MN

The Faust Family

Summer Faust
Heart Defect

Our sweet little Summer has always been perfectly healthy, met all the milestones, grown beautifully. But after her pediatrician heard a murmur in her heart for the first time at her 12-month checkup, we were referred to a cardiologist... who diagnosed her with a mitral valve prolapse. We were completely devastated and totally blindsided because she’s never been anything besides perfectly healthy. Summer needs open heart surgery to repair a faulty leaflet in her mitral valve. Her diagnosis is rare for a child of her age, and fairly severe. She will undergo surgery at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital at the end of October. Until then, our family is trying to spend as much time together as possible, going on fun adventures and making memories. Summer has an older sister who is three, and they are the best of friends (with matching red hair and blue eyes). They love to play with dolls together, take baths together, and explore nature side by side. Summer’s hospital stay will be the first time they’ve ever been apart. My husband, Tyler, and I (Kaylin) have been married almost 9 years— he is a Special Education teacher and a coach here in our small town, and I stay home and care for our girls. Due to the extra precautions hospitals have in place right now, Tyler will need to take approximately 5 weeks completely off from work for pre-surgery quarantine, Summer’s hospital stay, and her recovery at home. While he has sick leave as a teacher, he does not as a coach. We of course have some savings, but as Summer’s bills have accumulated (and we have continued to pay all of our other expenses), we’ve realized we are going to be stretched very, very thin financially through this process. In the end, all that matters is that our precious girl’s heart is repaired and she goes on to live a long, healthy life... and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. It’s not easy for us to ask for help, but we know that blessings come in all different forms, and we will be so, so grateful for any assistance we receive. We just want to heal Summer’s sweet little heart.  

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