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The Fries Family

Carmella Fries
Premature Birth

Hi! My name is Carmella Sky. I was born at 33 weeks premature.  I decided to break my mom’s water in he middle of the night at 33 weeks exactly. She had to lay in a hospital bed for four days before I finally made my arrival. I was so excited to meet my mommy and daddy that I just couldn’t wait any longer, even though my mommy’s doctors tried to keep me in for at least another week or two. Since being in the world, I have struggled with remembering to breathe on my own, jaundice, infection, and many other preemie issues. With the help of my NICU doctors and nurses, I get stronger everyday, but I can’t go home yet. I have to live in the NICU for 4-6 weeks to make sure I am healthy enough to go home. This makes my mommy and daddy sad because they have to visit me here and we have limited snuggle time. I look forward to going home as soon as possible, but while I am here, it’s costing my mommy and daddy a lot of money. Can you help them relieve this stress so they can focus solely on me and getting me better? 

January 12, 2021
Almost 2 Months Old!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! A lot has happened recently. So the week before my due date (1/3/21) I got moved to a crib, taken off oxygen, and started taking 100% of my feedings my mouth. I was doing so well that I almost got to go home on my due date. Sadly, I started spelling again so I am still in the NICU 😢 I’ve been struggling with reflux, which is why I keep having spells, but my doctors have been working hard with me on trying to fix it so I feel better. Once I go a full week without a spell, then I will get to go home! Good news though is I am almost twice as big as when I was born! I am now 8lbs 11oz and my mommy calls me chunky. I’ve got a double chin and rolls for days 😋 I got moved into a big big girl crib yesterday and they’ve started bringing in toys for me to look at and play with. I can’t wait to go home and see all the toys momma and Dada have for me. Thank you all for your help and prayers! ❤️

December 27, 2020
Merry Christmas from NICU

Merry Christmas from the NICU! It’s my first Christmas and I was really hoping to be home, snuggled and warm with my family, but I’m not 😞 I’m doing well though! I’m now 7 pounds 7 oz and getting real chunky. There hasn’t been much change to my care. I’m still working on trying to eat all of my food orally and stop having spells. My due date is next weekend, so hopefully I can be big and strong enough to go home soon after that. Momma and Dada and my family sure want me home ❤️

December 18, 2020
I’m 1 Month Old!

Hi everyone! Today was my one month birthday! I got to do my first photo shoot, although it happened very quickly because I was very hungry 😋 I’m doing well and continuing to grow big and strong. I’m now 6 pounds, 13 ounces, which is almost 2 pounds more than when I was born! I am eating almost all of my meals orally, and once I start doing them all then I get my oxygen and feeding tubes taken away. Once that happens, I get to move to a crib. If I do well in a crib and continue to eat and gain weight, I just might get to go home! I’m working hard but I still get sleepy and need my rest. Best news is that I haven’t had a spell where I forgot to breathe in 3 days 🎉 I can’t wait to go home. Momma and dada are so proud of me and all of the hard work I’m doing! Hopefully soon we can all be home together ❤️

December 12, 2020
Growing Girl

Hello everyone! I want to let everyone know that I am doing well! This past week I was taken off my caffeine medication, which is what was helping my brain remember to breathe. I’ve been doing well and only had a couple of spells where I’ve held my breath for too long since then and they’ve been minor. I’m still on oxygen but I am getting better at eating by mouth! I’m now taking 75% of my feedings by mouth and I weigh over 6 pounds! ☺️ We’re still not sure how long I have to stay, and it would be awesome if I could go home by Christmas, but we just have to wait and see. Momma, Dada and I are so thankful for everyone’s help and support so far, and I cannot wait to meet the rest of my family ❤️

December 6, 2020
Getting Stronger!

Hello everyone! I’m almost three weeks old and I am getting bigger and stronger everyday! I’ve gained one whole pound since I came into the world. Dada and momma say I’m getting chunky ☺️ I’m on the lowest flow of oxygen which means my lungs are getting stronger and I am getting better about remembering to breathe on my own. I’ve also been learning how to eat by mouth, which means extra snuggle time with momma! We still don’t know when I’ll get to go home, but hopefully soon so I can meet the rest of my family and finally get to be in momma or dada’s arms anytime I want!