The Hunt Family

Stone Mountain, GA
$1,135.00 raised of $11,549.16
Mortgage/Rent $11,399.16
12 months
Medical Bills $150.00
1 months
Aria Hunt
Autoimmune Disease

Aria was diagnosed with autism before the age of 2.  She is now three years old and was also diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis.  I felt like my world was shaken up after this diagnosis but I am glad that I now know what her condition is.  I am a divorced single mom of two daughters.  This diagnosis along with the pandemic has cause a significant financial burden.  I am constantly having issues getting her medications covered. I am behind on my mortgage and I have to get on a payment plan. I don't know how I am going to do it and I'm currently receiving unemployment. It would bring me piece of mind, give me time to adjust, and figure out a plan If I didn't have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads while trying to juggle, doctor appointments, medications, side effects,  and everything else on my own.  Thank you for your help and prayers.

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