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Willow Jerome

Willow is 3 1/2 years old. In January 2021 she was diagnosed  with CNS Neuroblastoma, stage 4. This unexpected disease changed our lives. She had immediate surgery to remove the initial tumor which was quite large. We were in the hospital for 3 weeks, then she had to go back for a second surgery due to leaking at the surgical site.

Then our little family went to Mayo Clinic where Willow endured 33 Proton Radiation treatments to her brain and spinal cord. This required one parent to quit working while the other had to be away from Willow and work. The radiation treatment took 7 weeks. Willow came home and was able to rest and try to recover from her radiation treatments prior to starting chemotherapy. 
During her hiatus between treatments there has been ongoing blood tests, doctors appointments and MRI’s. So Keri, Mom, is her full time caregiver, and unable to work. 
Willow is now in the process of getting 6 months of chemotherapy. She is admitted to Children Hospital- Minneapolis for 4 days each month, given a series of chemotherapy drugs, then is sent home for 3 weeks, with frequent monitoring and medical appointments in between.

Throughout all of this she remains a sweet child, and a good little patient. She does struggle to eat and keep weight on. But both Mom & Dad are doing everything to ensure Willow will be a cancer survivor. 

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