Garfield, MN

The Johnson Family

Grace Johnson
Menangitis/Heart failure

Hi guys, my name is Gerard. My wife Brittany Johnson and I, on the 16th of November, introduced our 3rd child into the world and our 1st girl. Back in February of this year my wife and I went though a T.E.C. retreat. I as a tecite already knew the power of God, my wife however had her mind blown. The theme song for the week was "Grace got You" and fast forward 8 months we named our daughter Grace. Unfortunately all wasn't to plan, at 36 weeks Brittany got really sick with the enterovirus and had an emergency c section. Grace spent a week in our local hospital as it was found that the virus had transmitted to her. Her platelet count levels slowly declined and she deteriorated more. She was rushed by ambulance to St. Cloud, MN as a precaution. After spending a few days there it seemed her health was on the mend, until Brittany and I got the call at 6 am that there were things happening. The virus had spread to her heart and was attacking it. We had her baptized in our Christian faith and on the 27th of November was flown to the U of M Masonic hospital where she needed immediate life saving surgeries and was put on life support. Grace has been there for a number of days and as of Dec. 18th her heart function is still only 33% and things have been a roller coaster. Brittany comes home to see the boys Gauge and Noah on Fridays and goes back to Minneapolis after church Sundays. If there is anything you can do for my girls it would be great, as they're in need of some hard prayers right now. Peace and love to you all - Gerard.

Amazing Grace

The last few nights have been sleepless, Miss Grace self extubated herself and lasted 4 hours before it was clear she was struggling to breathe and needed to be re-intubated. We have her on very high doses of heart and sedation medications and only a few drops of milk an hour bring on more tachycardia episodes and high heart rates. Her team all agreed this week she will be a great candidate for a heart transplant, and will be on the list soon! The last few days have been continuous tests/lab work, preliminary paperwork for her to take the next step. Obviously we are still crossing our fingers she will somehow recover on her own with/without an LVAD and we can save her heart but she can only be on these heavy medications for so long... Praying 2020 will be a better year for our baby Grace! #Stillpraying #JohnsonStrong

Amazing Grace

Our little Grace has been put back on a ventilator with an Ecmo team on standby. Her heart is tired... very tired... there were very difficult discussions today... the next few days will decide a course of action... it will be up to her... and our lord...

My wife and I will more than likely not be returning to work in the foreseeable future.