The Knazze Family

Cottage Grove, MN
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    Brandon Knazze
    Brain or Internal Organ Injury

    It was December 17th, 2020 a Thursday just like any other. Brandon was doing what he normally did on his off days from work, housework and spending time with family. And then it happened. A misstep on the stairs was mistaken for a typical stumble. Until we realized it wasn’t. Until we realized it wasn’t just another Thursday anymore. 

    Sudden cardiac arrest. Brandon’s heart had stopped. We learned this through a phone call with the ER doctor as we waited in the parking lot. The doctor went on to explain he would be placed in a medically induced coma for 72 hours to allow his body to heal. And after the 72 hours their tests showed an anoxic brain injury; brain damage. Brain damage they say he will never recover from.We were devastated. Our whole lives changed in an instant. But while we grappled with this new reality we were also determined. Determined to not only trust in God, but to also trust in Brandon’s strength. It was because of our faith that Brandon was moved to a rehab facility that specialized in brain injuries and believed in rehabilitation. It was here that his journey towards renewal was started. With therapies like, speech/occupational and Lokomat (robotic walking machine) he has made strides in his recovery towards full awareness. But the journey is far from done and the mantra we continue to hold onto is Gradatim ferociter, Latin for step by step, ferociously. Each step brings new progress towards Brandon’s full recovery.

    Brandon is a loving husband and the father to 6 children. He loves riding his bike (we’re talking marathon type miles), drinking Mahogany coffee, reading his Bible, being a great listener and most importantly spreading his light. His beacon. When his infectious smile hits you there’s nothing that compares. A smile we will see again.

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