Edina, MN

The Kobany Family

Jax Kobany
Premature Birth

Our family is blessed with two awesome kids. We love our kids so much that we decided to grow our family by one more. The pregnancy progressed well until roughly 19 weeks when we found out our baby boy was trying to greet the world much earlier than expected. Emergency surgery was performed to save the pregnancy. Miraculously, the surgery went well and the pregnancy progressed for another 4 weeks.Our 2lb baby was born on 10/4/18 at 26.5 wks. He was born very sick with an infection and needing to be resuscitated for nearly 15 mins. We weren't sure if our baby would survive, but again, miraculously, he was stabilized. He is continuing to grow under the excellent care of the NiCU team at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Our family is working hard during this stressful time to meet the needs of all of our children, balancing our time between home and the hospital. It's difficult, but we are grateful and feel blessed that all three of our kids are alive and growing.

Hello from Jax!

We pray for good progress every day!

Wearing Clothes!

Jax is nearly big enough to graduate from his isolette. Time to wear clothes like a newborn!

Happy Halloween

Jax was baby shark for the holiday!  Doo doo do doo do doo

Jax is Feeling Strong!

30 weeks and 3 pounds (+ 2 ounces). Grow baby grow!

Sweet Baby Cuddles

Baby Jax is nearly 3 pounds!