The McClatchey Family

Phoenix, AZ
$525.00 raised of $3,065.00
Mortgage/Rent $2,465.00
1 months
Utilities – Electric $600.00
3 months
    Melinda Mikes
    Autoimmune Disease

    I am a 46 year old wife and mother of two, with a complex medical history. I am disabled and my illnesses stop me from being able to work. I used to provide therapy to autistic children and miss doing so. Unfortunately, the last I worked I suffered a stroke. Doctors in Illinois could not figure out everything wrong with me. My family and I moved here to Arizona, from Illinois, to get me closer to the Mayo Clinic where I started being treated in December 2020. The move itself was very hard on us, especially me. Stress causes me to end up being hospitalized and I have been hospitalized every other month since June. Because no one would rent to us without us coming in person, we lived in hotels from June 1, 2021-July 27, 2021. This exhausted all of our savings. My husband, who is also disabled, has had a part-time job lined-up, yet hasn't been able to start as of yet. I have income from permanent disability only and we are unable to make rent. We are not sure when my husband will start his job, and even if he does soon, he will not get paid in time, nor enough for rent. Since we just moved here last summer, we do not know anyone we can stay with if we get evicted. We will literally end up on the streets. Three out of four of us are disabled. We do not even have money to get my 18 year old son (the only one who is not disabled) a drivers license so he can get a job. Plus, he is still in high school and couldn't work much. Once my husband starts working, we will be fine. We just need some help until then. Thank you for any help you can provide. God Bless.

    January 25, 2022
    Melinda Mikes

    I just tested positive for covid-19. Because of poor health/immunocompromised, I am getting the antibodies infusion tomorrow morning. I am pretty ill, so I am hoping this helps. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.