The Mckinney Family

burnsville , MN
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    Mi'Khaul Mckinney
    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    My name is Michaela I am a single mother of three children ages 13 & 4. On 09/06/2019 three days before his third birthday I lost a precious part of me my 2 year old son Mi'Khiel passed away right in my arms I was told he had a pulse but no heartbeat. My son drowned in a pool, That day my world changed and I felt all alone. I had to cremate my 2 year old son because I couldn't afford burial. In 2019 My children & I faced a horrible tragedy that could never be replaced, I found my son unresponsive and have not been able to seek any therapy since the day it occurred. I soon after was seeking treatment for his twin so I can get him the support he needs and later found out that he had ASD (Autism spectrum Disorder). I have no family to help or support us through these hard times and since things have been going down hill. I am not wanting anything but blessings to support the idea of keeping faith through it all. Anything helps so we can get the proper treatment without having to stress over life and bills. Thanks to anyone that donate you will always be in my prayers.

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