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The Meyer Family

Otto Meyer
Premature Birth

Meet Otto James Meyer!

Here's the "short" version of Otto's story:
At 28 weeks pregnant, Amy (Mother) went in for a routine OB appointment. During the appointment, it was found that baby Meyer's heart rate was struggling with maintaining a normal, healthy rhythm, and his heart rate was steadily declining. After just a couple minutes of monitoring, it was decided "This baby is going to have an early birthday!"  An emergency c-section was performed and Otto James Meyer entered the world at 10:18 AM on Thursday, November 7, 2019, at 28 weeks gestation, weighing 2 lbs, 10 oz. Praise God that I happened to have that appointment that day and that my doctor took quick action. Just 50 minutes separated appointment check in and Otto's dramatic entrance! 

Otto was transported to the NICU at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital.  He continues to make positive strides and the healthcare team is confident he's moving in the right direction, however he'll likely remain in the NICU for several more weeks (potentially 3+ months), taking us through the holidays and into the new year.  We're able to visit Otto daily and provide as many snuggles as the nurses will allow, while also continuing to parent our 1.5 year old daughter, Ivy. 

We're fortunate to have health insurance, however, weeks in the NICU will lead to sky high medical bills, and they'll have 2 years' worth of deductibles & out-of-payment maximums to meet as well as continued mortgages and daycare expenses to pay for. Amy will be off work for an extended maternity leave, with an unknown duration of unpaid time off from work. Cody's job has been wonderful, allowing him the flexibility to work whenever he's able.  Fortunately, they live just a short distance from the hospital, but all of the daily parking passes, gas, meals, etc. will add up. 

We thank you for the consideration to help us with your donation during this future financial difficulty. 

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