Saint Paul, MN

The Miller Family

Avion Miller

About 4 weeks ago my son Avion Miller got ill. We thought it was his normal allergies with the season change, which we deal with every year. He has had severe asthma his entire life. We brought him to his primary care dr and were prescribed Zyrtec, Flonase, and Benadryl. We were treating him for that. However during this time he picked up a deep cough. We thought it was a normal cough on top of the allergies.

The very next day he was having issues standing on his own and looking very disoriented. He hadn’t had an appetite in days and refused dinner. He finally fell asleep and my husband and I debated whether we should let him rest or get a second opinion. We ultimately decided we needed a second opinion and brought him to children’s hospital. When he got there, his oxygen level was at 84 and they told us had we let him sleep all night he probably would have never woke up.

We later found out that It was an airborne virus on top of this asthma that caused his oxygen to drop really low. We have been hospitalized since October 7th. The first three days were in the ICU fully hooked up to oxygen and albuterol 24/7. He was not able to breathe on his own and his right lung was completely useless on the verge of collapse. We were transferred and things seemed to be getting a little better . Then we took a step back and have been here ever since. He is having issues maintaining oxygen flow on his own for longer that 12 hours at a time. I haven’t been able to work or think about work in almost a month, plus living in the hospital has costed us so much more money as we have another child we are responsible for getting to and from school and having to pay for parking at the hospital each and every time we leave. Not to mention the cost of all the medications we have been buying left and right and medical equipment we will need to purchase for home. 

We are truly in need of some sort of financial help to get through this. We are gladly willing to give back and help in any way to the people that can help us through this difficult time. We also attempted to receive emergency assistance for this but we were denied as they don’t help with mortgages only rent. I’ve always been a provider and would never ask for help unless I truly truly need it.

Please keep my son in your prayers as we can’t wait until he can be back home with us. At this time there is still no estimated discharge date.

Thanks in advance to any and everybody that contributes.

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