Eau Claire, WI

The Minnich Family

Channing Minnich
Premature Birth

On 6-2-2020, Channing made his entrance to this world at exactly 28 weeks gestation. His road to recovery and going home has been full of ups and downs, forward steps and back peddling. Our strong little peanut has pushed through many of his barriers and is finally nearing the time where he can come home! He is currently 6 weeks old. All 6 weeks he has spent in the hospital. At this time he doesn’t have a discharge date but he is constantly meeting milestones that indicate the time is FINALLY drawing near!! These last two months have been hard on us financially, mentally, and emotionally. With the added stress and inconvenience COVID-19 brings to the table it has been a struggle. Because of the closure of the Ronald McDonald house, we had to pay for an Airbnb in Rochester MN to stay near our baby the last 2 months. Though this was cheaper, and better than a hotel, the costs for us are astronomical. This was multiplied by the fact that mom has only been working part time since March with the pandemic. We have quickly burned through our savings and with large medical bills from both moms and Channing’s hospitalization looming we are struggling to pull together all the pieces. 

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