Sioux Falls, SD

The Mosier Family

Natalie Mosier
Infant-Related Illness

Baby Natalie was born 3 weeks early due to the doctors suggestion. She was born due to have a lot of extra fluid along with concerns about her heart and lung function. The doctor felt that it was not safe for her to go to term. She was born June 30th at 6pm. She was 8lbs 14oz. She was rushed to the next room where she was put on 100% oxygen help. She has been in the NICU two weeks so far. She is slowly improving. She has been tackling one thing at a time. Natalie's family lives just outside Rapid City which is 5hrs away. Mom is staying with her and she has dad and three siblings at home. She has a sister Andrea who is 11, a brother Riley who is 10 and a sister Hannah who is 18months old. Dad has had to take some time off to stay with her siblings while mom is with her 5hrs away in Sioux Falls. 

July 22, 2020
Baby Natalie Update

This morning the picc line was able to come out with no complications. She moved to a crib style bed. She is doing 10cc of milk with a bottle and the rest through her feeding tube. Doing some feeding with the bottle speeds up the transition time. They are able to more accurately see how much she eats. breastfeeding is mixed in and can switch completely at the end. She does amazing with it. Doc will move amount she gets by bottle up each day and amount through feeding tube down. Once she is able to take all through bottle the feeding tube comes out. They moved her oxygen down to 2 liters and hoping to move to 1 tomorrow. She still needs a little help as her lungs are recovering from the pulmonary hypertension. Doc says it just takes time to heal. Still looking at a week or more before we can head home.