Andover, MN

The Navarrete Family

Eliott Navarrete
Down Syndrome

We found out during my pregnancy that my son has trisomy21 (Down syndrome). We came to terms that our journey was going to be different than originally planned but the hard part was when we found out that he has a heart condition called an av canal defect. Oliver was delivered on Nov 25th, 2018 at UofM Children's Hospital. He is absolutely beautiful and we fell in love instantly. We spent 17 days in the NICU. At around 4-6 months of age Oliver will need open heart surgery. Because of the heart defect a simple cold can send Oliver to the hospital. We keep him home to avoid any/all germs. And therefor he cannot go to daycare until after the surgery. I am currently taking a 6week (half pay) maternity leave. Then my husband will be taking a 3 month unpaid furlough from the school that he teaches at. After surgery he should have a normal life and can attend daycare in the fall so we can all get back to work and make ends meet again. We really appreciate any help during this difficult time.

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