The Nesemeier Family

Fargo , ND
$4,971.82 raised of $3,423.82
Mortgage/Rent $2,237.08
2 months
Car Payment $354.74
1 months
Utilities - Phone $432.00
2 months
Utilities – Electric $400.00
2 months
Kamdyn Nesemeier
Premature Birth

Hello world! My name is Kamdyn Cole Nesemeier. I was born on January 7, 2021 at 7:25PM. I arrived 7 weeks earlier than planned, but I am really excited to be here! 

Let me tell you a little story about why I arrived as early as I did. My mom was doing really well with pregnancy until I was about 2/3 baked. At this time, mom started noticing she was swelling. She didn't think much of it as she was always told that it is normal for pregnant women to have swelling. Fast forward to about 32 weeks into pregnancy, dad had noticed that mom's feet would stay indented when touched and he insisted he take her in to be evaluated. I am very thankful he did as mom had extremely high blood pressure and had developed something called pre-eclampsia which can be deadly to her and myself! The doctors told mom she was not going home without delivering me, even though it would have been over 7 weeks earlier than expected. Mom was admitted and doctors told her she could would be on bed rest and they would try to prolong delivery until 34 weeks when I would have a better chance for fewer complications. Mom received steroids to help my lungs and neurological functions. A few days later at exactly 33 weeks gestation, my moms blood pressure still wasn't as controlled as doctors would have preferred and my vital signs were not reassuring to the doctors so they told my mom she was going to need a C-Section and I was going to be delivered within the hour. 

The next thing I knew I was welcomed to the world by my mom's doctor and then wheeled away by the NICU team. They had to put a CPAP machine on me to help me breathe and covered me up to help regulate my temperature before they started poking me with needles for labs and IV placement. I got a tube down to my tummy to allow me to eat and got to spend some time with my sunglasses on while laying under these warm lights (phototherapy) in my isolate as my labs had high bilirubin levels in my body and the lights helped remove it. Everyone kept telling me that I was "knocking it out of the park" as the first couple of days were smooth sailing and I was on the road to going home soon.

About 2 weeks old mom had changed my diaper and noticed there was blood in my stool. The doctors were concerned about this as this is a sign of a very serious illness called NEC or Necroticizing Enterocolitis which can be fatal. Doctors acted immediately by starting me on antibiotics and I was no longer able to take anything by mouth for over a week to let my tummy rest. They had to place a PICC line for antibiotics and fluids that gave me all the fats and nutrients I need until I am able to successfully do this thing they call eating. I have since learned how to breathe on my own again, regulate my own body temperature and now I get to start working on the whole eating thing. Once I've mastered that, they will be able to remove the PICC line and my journey in the NICU will start to wrap up.

My journey in the NICU is not over yet but I know I'm a fighter and I can't wait to get out of here and meet the rest of my family! 

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