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Sioux falls , SD
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    Anastasia Olson
    Premature Birth

    On September 29th at 34 weeks & 2 days pregnant my girlfriend left work shortly after arriving due to having a lot of pain, tried to rest at home for the afternoon. Her contractions started being persistent around 1pm. We ended up going to the hospital around 6pm. We checked into labor & delivery just to be told we weren't having baby tonight because She wasn't dilated, but still continued to having contractions 2/3 mins apart. The nurses encouraged her to take tylonal & Benadryl & just rest. So shortly after arriving home it got worse & worse. 45 mins after we got home we delivered our Babygirl on our bathroom floor. It was so traumatic, painful, stressful, confusing. We were rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Our new Babygirl Anastasia was taken from us as soon as we got there. Our daughter was in the nicu for 16 long days. Her lungs were very hazy, her oxygen & heart rate were  so up & down. With mom & myself trying to balance our work life, our 3 other children at home while trying to be up at the hospital as much as possible with Anastasia money has become a little tight. Our biggest expense is our rent. Our goal was to keep mom & Anastasia home for awhile to let Anastasia get as strong as she can before starting daycare. With covid & other sickness going around we are just trying to be very cautions. Although we are very thankful & blessed our situation wasn't the worst out there, we are just asking for some support & we appreciate anything & everything. 
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. We pray for everyone that has been through or is going through any type of situation with their child. It definitely isn't the easiest thing to go through.  We appreciate everything from a prayer to a penny in these trying times. 

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