The Richardson Family

Minneapolis, MN
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    Boyd 'Bud' Richardson
    Lung transplant for interstitial lung disease with significant complications.

    Boyd  'Bud' Richardson was a hard working diesel mechanic from  Nebraska until he became unable to work due to the devasating lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Bud was diagnosed in 2018 and continued to work despite his increasing oxygen needs.  By 2021. he had deteriorated enough, that lung transplant needed to be considered.  He was listed in September 2021.  By the end of the year, he was unable to work.  By January 2022, he was critically ill and hospitalized in Minneapolis, MN (6 hours from his home) waiting for a life saving transplant.  On Februray 13, 2022 he recieved his transplant.  Unfortunately, Bud's recovery has been marred by complications.  He has now been hospitalized for over a year and is still working on weaning from a ventilator. He has transferred back and forth from the acute care hospital and vent weaning hospital, time and time again.   He makes good progress with his weaning, but then gets another infection and it sets him back again.  He is still months away from being able to discharge from the hospital and being able to return to Nebraska

    Meanwhile, His wife Becky has faithfully been by his side at the hospital, encouraging him to recover.  She visits for several hours every day.  Her presence is vital to Bud's recovery.  Unfortunately, the temporary housing near the hospital is very expensive.  Over 21,000 dollars has been spent on her rent during the last year.  Bud and Becky have exhausted their savings, as have their adult children who faithfully helped with as much as they could.  Their transplant social worker has also exhausted any available resources from local and national transplant foundations.  There  is no more help available for this family.  If they do not recieve rental assistance, Becky will be forced to give up the apartment and return home to Nebraska.  Without her here, Bud will certainly fail.  

    Please consider donating to help with the rent of a local apartment for Becky and Bud.  His recovery depends on it!

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