Newport, MN

The Rosa Family

Nevaeh Rosa
Infant-Related Illness

On October 26th, my two-month-old daughter, Nevaeh, was admitted to the Saint Paul Children’s Hospital. She wasn’t able to fully extend her right leg and was very sensitive to touch. With no answers, she was transferred to the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital on October 29th for a biopsy of her femur bone and has been there since. Nevaeh had multiple x-rays performed, ultrasound, and sedation twice for an MRI. The MRI imaging revealed that Nevaeh had some type of infection in her right femur bone. Doctors and specialists have never seen this type of infection before and are unsure of the cause. She is now on antibiotics, but since her blood vessel is so small, a PIC line was inserted to distribute the medication. This needs extra care and monitoring by nurses and doctors to ensure Nevaeh's safety. We are hopeful that the medicine is working, but won’t know until the antibiotics are complete. Doctors have informed us, that Nevaeh will remain at the hospital for another 4-6 weeks.


About 2 weeks ago, doctors finally made the decision to discharge us. They said Nevaeh is big enough now for oral antibiotics, so we were allowed to go home. Since then, Nevaeh has completed her antibiotic course, but will still be receiving follow up appointments with Infectious and Disease specialists to ensure that the infection is gone. We appreciate all of your support, and any donations are still appreciated. We are still struggling to settle back comfortably with all the bills that piled up during this hard time. However, we could not be more happy to finally be out of the hospital and having Nevaeh doing much better!