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Otsego, MN
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Jennifer Roth
Brain or Internal Organ Injury

On November 25, 2020, Life as I knew it changed completely. I slipped on a kitchen rug and broke my right shoulder which led to radial nerve damage otherwise known as radial nerve palsy. I have no use of my right arm. My last surgery was September 14, 2021 where they did three tendon transfers. Although the surgery was successful, it is going to be a long haul with the hope that maybe I will be able to use my right hand again. Currently I am unable to work due to my disability and my last income was unemployment which ran out at the beginning of September 2021. I seriously need help financially to help pay my mortgage for my townhome. Up until now I have been able to defer my mortgage payments but I can no longer do that and I am in fear of losing my home. This injury has taken a toll on me financially, physically, and emotionally. I was a very involved employee, mom, and grandma prior to this accident. Today looks very different to me. Capabilities  I have once took for granted, no longer exist. Thank you for your help.

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