Brooklyn Park, MN

The Ruiz Family

Ricardo Ruiz
Heart Attack

Hello.  My name is Erika Ruiz.  My very loving husband & father of our 3 boys suffered a very damaging heart attack on 07/19/19.  None of us seen it coming since he was already strong & healthy infact that is the reason the doctors say he survived such a massive damaging heart attack because he was already healthy & strong. His heart failure is hereditary.  He now has an LVAD in place. This pump is what is keeping him alive along with several medications.  I have not worked since 07/19/19. He was discharged from the hospital on 09/11/19 with the need of 24/7 hour care and homecare.  I will be returning to work on 10/14/19.  My work is partially commissioned based and it will take me roughly 3 months before I will be able to hopefully make the amount of my last commission check before this nightmare happend.  We are currently in need of help to keep our home and pay bills.  Thank you & God bless! 

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