The Shank Family

St. Cloud, MN
$500.00 raised of $4,120.00
Mortgage/Rent $3,600.00
3 months
Car Payment $520.00
2 months
    Liam Shank
    Premature Birth

    Liam and his brother Tucker were born at 27 weeks after mother's month long stay in the hospital before giving birth. Liam was born with a patent ductus arteriosus and chronic lung disease. Liam was born on 9/27/2021 and continues to be hospitalized due to recent heart and hernia surgeries. tucker and Liam will need ongoing eye care due to premature retinopathy. we will need ongoing specialty care for both children even after Liam is released from the hospital, unknown date at this time. because of these hard times we have been experiencing financial concern for several months now as our priority has been for the care of mother while hospitalized and the twins as they continue to fight this journey.

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