The Smith Family

Frederick , MD
$1,100.00 raised of $2,000.00
Mortgage/Rent $2,000.00
1 months
Shaun Smith
Multiple Severe Facial and Head Injuries, and Broken Bones

My boyfriend and I have 3 beautiful babies together. We were homeless prior to covid due to losing my boyfriend's income.  He injured his back severely on the job. When covid struck I lost my job. I found out I was pregnant and got a seasonal, temporary job but it was only enough to pay for room and board. My boyfriend still worked for his life-long clientele doing landscaping and small handy man jobs.  My seasonal job ended and we relied on solely his income. I had promising job leads and we had money saved up to take care of our family for awhile.  Recently tragedy struck when my boyfriend was brutally attacked and robbed in the very same hotel we were staying at. I was the first responder when he came to our door hurt. My children all had to witness me care for him and await the EMS. He is now in the ICU at University of Maryland Shock Trauma.  I am doing my best to care for my babies by myself but it is very hard given our circumstances. 

February 13, 2021
Latessa Shomper

Shaun will be going to the University of Maryland Rehabilitation Center tomorrow :-) He should be back to us within a week if he strengthens up enough ;)