The Swanson Family

Hopkins, MN
$956.82 raised of $2,850.00
Mortgage/Rent $2,850.00
2 months
Ellie Swanson
Cerebral Palsy

Ellie joined our family in 2016. She has a quick smile and has learned English very fast. She has been hospitalized since January 27, 2021 for broken vertebrae in her neck due to congenital defect, requiring intensive care treatment, surgery and rehabilitation for several weeks to come. It is possible that she could be in her halo brace for up to 6 months. Her brother also is medically complex and joined our family 17 years ago as an infant. Mother was able to work as a shopper at a grocery store in May during the pandemic but then had to leave that employment to seek medical care for herself. Mother has been unemployed since Mid-December 2020. 

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