Foley, MN

The Taute Family

Clayton Taute
Cardiovascular Disease

Clayton is 3, almost 4 and has 4 siblings. One of which is his twin brother.  Clayton was born with a mitro valve issue that resulted in needing a mechanical one and a pace maker as well. Clayton has had 4 open heart surgeries since he was born. and will be having number 5 tomorrow.  We were admitted on June 12 for surgery #4 to replace the valve and fix his aortic valve... Clayton needed more support this time around than last stays and is needing to have open heart surgery #5 tomorrow to fix some significant leaks in his new valve.. This extra extended stay has put our family in a huge financial crisis. With my husband not able to work and having to stay home to care for our other children while I (claytons mom stays bed side to hell him recover) we are now experiencing financial crisis. Any help is much appreciated from our family as we try to help Clayton recover and get back home! 

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