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    Lukah Thei
    Premature Birth

    Lukah was born 8 weeks premature and experienced a brain injury due to the lack of oxygen during birth. As a result of this early birth and the medical needs that Lukah will have, his mom, Paw, is unable to return to work at this time. Lukah's dad, Aung, is the only one able to support Lukah, his older brother and sister, and Paw. Aung's paycheck is not able to cover all of the bills. Lukah has currently been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the last 5 weeks and is expected to be in the NICU for another 2+ months. The medical team is continuing to monitor his needs and these next few months will help determine what his lifelong needs will be.

    January 5, 2022
    Paw Thei

    Just yesterday as of 01/04/2022, everything was starting to go well, I even held my son in my arms so comfortably. Today was very stressing and hurts me emotionally to hear the news of him needing the breathing tube again. My son Lukah is having trouble breathing on his own again because of a cold called viral virus. Which is why all these things are happening to him. I really hope he gets better and to hear good news of him.