St. Cloud , MN

The Thomas Family

Kasondra Thomas

My name is Kasondra and my family realized something was wrong when I looked like I was having spasms. Two different doctors sent us home but my mom and dad knew something was wrong. My mom and dad brought me to a hospital that specialized with children and I got diagnosed within an hour! I was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. 
My mom and dad stayed in the hospital the whole time I was there a whole 7 days! Spent every night comforting me through everything. I have to have steroids given through a shot 2 times a day, so hopefully the seizures with diminish and/or go away. The steroids make me really hungry and they don’t make me feel good, but I know my mom and dad love me and want me better!

A long road ahead of our family because time is a true teller with this seizure disorder. There are so many paths this diagnosis could lead to. Time is such a precious thing! 


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