Oakdale, MN

The Vatnsdal Family

Amelia Vatnsdal
Premature Birth

Hi Everyone! My name is Amelia! I was born on July 10th 2020 during this crazy corona virus times, I was a overachiever and decided to come into the world a little early...….6 weeks to be exact.... Well upon my arrival I had a little bit of a tummy issue to where my tummy sac and my organs were growing outside of my stomach.....can you believe that? I thought it was pretty crazy as well.....So I have been hanging out at the Hospital with my mom and dad since my arrival into this big beautiful world of ours, and believe me they are loving it as well especially when they have to change my stinky poopy diapers.....The Doctors were also stating that my little lungs aren't quite developed since I was born....maybe a good thing for mom and dad that I cant scream to my full capacity yet but I'm really trying too....ill get them one day..... they will hear the little roar in me.... and last thing that you should know is that as much as I love to eat I'm having a hard time feeding. I love the taste of food but its just hard for me to keep it down.... so the doctors may put another little feeding tube in me so I can still keep eating and get big and strong just like my daddy...… I hope everyone who reads my little story enjoys it and can put a little smile on your face. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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