Savage, MN

The Vavruska Family

Bennett Vavruska
Birth Defect

Bennett has Spina Bifida and has been a patient at Gillette since he was an infant.  Spina Bifida to our family means every day we help him take care of his basic needs. It means things like catheters, medicine, diaper changes, adjusting chest and leg braces, changing bandages, caring for sores on his feet and a daily enema. Spina Bifida means courage and determination. Spina Bifida also means surgery and Bennett has had 14 major surgeries in his 8 short years in this world.

Unfortunately, we found out last week that Bennett needs to have two more major surgeries in the next few months…one on December 19th, 2019 and the second on February 13th, 2020. Both surgeries will require a minimum of 5 days in the hospital (ugh Christmas in the hospital ) and 6 weeks of recovery. This also means weeks of unpaid time off of work for Jon so he can be bedside with him while he recovers from these surgeries and I can care for our newborn baby.

Despite the surgeries and challenges he faces on a daily basis, Bennett does not allow anything to get in his way. He enjoys baseball, hunting and anything outdoors! He is also the best big brother!

On behalf of our family, especially, Bennett, please make a donation to the “Live Brave Like Bennett” campaign!  

We appreciate anything you can donate to support our hero Bennett.

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