Greendale, WI

The Werner Family

Mari Werner
Pregnancy-Related Illness

My name is Mari. I am a wife to Paul and mother to Lucy (4 years old), Vivian (22 months) and Noah (still gestating!). Noah is sort of the reason why I'm here. At 26 weeks pregnant, my water broke and I have since been in the hospital awaiting Noah's birth. It has been tough emotionally, physically, and financially, but we are determined to get through this. We still have things to figure out, like how long we will be staying and visiting in the hospital. I am trying to get my baby to 34 weeks gestation before the doctors perform the necessary C-section, and as of today that's about 5 weeks away. After that we are unsure how long baby Noah will need to stay in the NICU receiving care. The possible cost of hospital bills is currently unfathomable in my mind, as I spend each blessed day trying to take it easy and relax so as not to affect my pregnancy with negativity. On top of that, once the baby is ready to come home, we will need to purchase a vehicle that is capable of holding 3 car seats. These things are weighing greatly on our hearts and minds because we are uncertain about if and when we will ever be able to afford them. So here we are, shamelessly depending on the kindness of strangers to help see us through. We thank God for His provision through all this. We also are thankful for anyone that He places a burden on their heart to assist us. Thank you for reading my story.

Noah's home & heathy

Update 5/7/2020:

I want to personally thank all those involved this this campaign. On 3/1/20 we bought Noah home and since then he's been growing like crazy. My wife and I actually think he's or biggest baby even with him being born so early. It's been amazing to see how well he's done. Having this resource has brought ease to our lives. Than you and God bless you all

Nearing end of Noah's NICU Stay

Thank the Lord! Noah is now on his own schedule for feedings in the NICU. This is nearly the last thing he needs to complete to come home to us. 

Progression while in the NICU

Noah last weighed in at 6lbs 11oz as of the night of 2/8. He's progressing well. They upped his feeding and we are just waiting for him to consistently eat without it needing to be fed through his tube. This is the longest but last step of the process. I'm thankful for all the prayers. We all want him to be home and healthy

More NICU Stay Updates

Noah's been taken out of the isolette since 1/23. Last weigh in was 5lbs 4oz (3oz above birth weight!) & he's still being fed through the NG Tube. He's showing some interest in starting breast feeding but still needs time to grow and get used to that. He's been here for 2 weeks and is projected to be here another 8 max. We cannot wait to bring him home. My wife, my 2 daughters, and I all want him home

Noah's born + updates on NICU stay

Noah was born at 12:08am on 1/15/20, 5lbs 1oz, 17.8 in length. Really good size for someone that's only 30 weeks. Over the past few days he's been progressing really well for his age. He's being weaned off of oxygen at a slow rate, has already been taken off of antibiotics as of 1/16, should be off the light treatment soon, and hopefully he won't be in there until the projected time-frame of March. Mari should be recovered from the C-Section in the next day or so as well.

Update on Noah

As of yesterday we have the planned C-Section scheduled for 2/10/20. We're praying that he can stay inside until then.