Saint Francis, MN

The Williams Family

Clarence Williams
Brain or Internal Organ Injury

Clarence is the loving husband, father of three, son and brother. On June 28th, 2018 Clarence was in a motorcycle accident. He suffered life-threatening injuries and broken bones. He arrested twice, after his revival, he was put on several life support machines. He had a total of 11 different surgeries, many of them were life saving measures, and others were needed to repair broken bones or to rid him of infections. He sustained two different types of brain injuries. He was diagnosed with an Anoxic Brain Injury and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Clarence had a 5% chance of having a valuable quality of life. He will be transferring to his 5th hospital soon to begin an intensive rehab program. It will still be a long while before Clarence is in the comforts of his home and the possibility of returning to work is unknown at this time. Our faith is high and his determination is out of this world. The hard work he has to put in shows what kind of guy he was prior to this life changing event.

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