The Wright Family

Dumont, MN
$3,301.00 raised of $13,500.00
Mortgage/Rent $10,500.00
12 months
Car Payment $3,000.00
1 months
James Wright
Battens Disease

James is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with Battens disease, with localization related idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with seizures. Seizure onset was 1/1/18. He receives infusions of Brineura at Children's Minnesota every other week.  With his ongoing medical needs, his dad James has had to miss work, and ultimately leave his place of employment to be able to provide care for James.  They are seeking assistance to help with the cost of travel, specifically lodging as every other week they travel from Brainerd to Minneapolis for infusions. With the long travel, long day at the hospital being able to stay the night before would be beneficial for the patient so he is well resting prior to the infusions.  If they could save on their current mortgage, they could use this savings to be able to afford lodging closer to the medical facility.   They are also working to save up for a handicap/ wheelchair accessible  vehicle to accomidate for travel for James and his wheelchair   this will require a down payment of some sort 

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