The Xiong Family

Neenah, WI
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1 months
Nou Xiong
Pregnancy-Related Illness

My name is Nou Vang Xiong, I have a daughter name Peyton who is 3, a dog name Chowchi who is 7 and a new baby boy name Lionel who is 27 weeks and currently in the NICU. I am married to a Marine, Thong Xiong, who served 4 years active duty. Currently I am a student, taking the semester off for pregnancy, studying in Medical Office Assistant at Fox Valley Technical College. We just recently bought a house summer of 2020 and beginning our new journey. The past few months have been rough as we found out that our son might be coming sooner than expected. His due date was originally May 13th but he decided to come on January 28th at 5:30am. He was only 25 weeks when he was born. On December 21st I went in to get our baby's gender ultrasound and see how he was doing. We got news that I needed emergency surgery to put a Cerclage in as my uterus was thinning. A month later during our routine checkup on January 14th, we were admitted into Labor and delivery and would be on bed rest until baby was born. I ended up having a C-Section done and was hospitalized for another 4 days. Throughout this entirety, I was not able to see my 3 year old daughter, who stayed with her aunty, because of COVID restrictions. It has taken a toll on not only myself and my new son, but the entire family as well. My husband had to work, stay with me and make time for our daughter all in a days work. We are blessed that Lionel is doing great at 2lbs and 13inches. He will be in the NICU until his original due date. We pray for a speedy and healthy process for him.

February 22, 2021
Baby Lionel

Thank you to everyone that donated. We appreciate anything we can get. Unfortunately, Lionel lost his fight to the NEC disease. Lionel passed away on February 20th. His funeral will be held on Monday March 1st. We have lost one of the sweetest and most handsome baby boy in the world. May god take him into his home and take care of them. Please watch over us. We love you now and forever Lionel.

February 16, 2021
Baby Lionel

After 2 weeks and 3 days, he is finally strong enough for us to hold him. He is fighting and getting stronger and bigger everyday. Thank you all for the support and help. Will keep updates coming.

February 16, 2021
Baby Lionel

Thank you to everyone who has donated. Unfortunately we have some bad news. Lionel was diagnosed with Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a disease that attacks the intestines. He fought off the disease for as long as he could until his body gave up. Lionel passed away on February 20th in our arms. We got to spend the most wonderful few weeks of our lives with this blessing. He came to us and left like a dream. We know that he isn't hurting anymore and he is with god now. We will miss and love him forever. Rest In Peace baby Lionel Xiong.