Fort Myers, FL

The Young Family

Ever Young

Ever is a 4-year-old female diagnosed with precursor T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) on 1/22/2020.  She is being treated and is on a 2.5 year treatment plan with Chemo.  

After going to the pediatrician for a stomach ache, Ever was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL (Leukemia). This is a faster growing cancer. Cure rates are comparable with High Risk ALL, about 80%. The doctor did mention that if the T-Cell reoccurs after remission, he hasn’t seen any cures then, but odds are in her favor. They will start chemo on January 22nd. 


Update on Ever: We met with Dr. MacArthur (Ever’s oncologist) today to determine next course of treatment. The results came back from Baltimore and they were better than anyone could have expected.  He said she is better than remission! She has no detectable Leukemia Cells!  Remission is at 5% detection, she is at .01% detection.  Now she has a schedule for treatments for the next 2.5 years, based on those results.  She will get her Chemo Port put in on Thursday.  This will require surgery.  Some of her treatments will require hospital stays as well.  She is responding so well to the treatment, it is incredible!  In a few weeks, once the port is healed, she will be able to return to gymnastics, swimming, and daily activities!   She was even in the video on the local news this morning!!!  ❤️❤️❤️