Our Purpose

Since 1997, Spare Key has been hard at work serving families with housing grants.

We are proud and privileged to have been able to serve over 4,000 families with more than $4 million in financial assistance during that time.

Our motto, "No matter the illness. No matter the injury. No matter the income. We help families Bounce and Not Break," has been our guiding force from the first family we helped back in 1997. 

The Help Me Bounce Program allows us to do just that. 

This powerful new platform combines crowdfunding with Spare Key's direct financial support to help leverage social media and broader marketing tactics to raise more funds to help families cover their most pressing financial needs.

Additionally, the Help Me Bounce Program provides a real-time blogging feature for families that allows them to share the progress of their family member's medical situation with their friends and family.

As we continue our mission of helping families "Bounce and Not Break," we are mindful of the unique challenges facing many non-profits, including our own:

  • Donors have made different choices on how to exercise their personal philanthropy.
  • Donors want to have more control of how their philanthropic dollars are being used.
  • Donors want certainty that the money they are donating is being used for the purposes intended.
  • Donors want to maximize tax benefits from their charitable contributions.

The Help Me Bounce Program is intended to give donors those options, and a sense of security and comfort that their generously given dollars are going toward the purpose they intended. Spare Key is committed to continuing to find ways to serve more families than ever before. The Help Me Bounce Program gives us the tools and the ability to achieve that goal. Over time, we will add more features and capabilities that will leverage other resources to support families in need facing a medical crisis of a loved one.


**Please note that Help Me Bounce applications are carefully screened to prevent any fraudulent activity. All attempts to host a fraudulent campaign - including, but not limited to, false claims of illness or injury, impersonating a medical professional to verify an illness or injury, or providing false information for a 3rd party servicer in funding goal information - will be denied and reported to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.