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The “Help Me Bounce” program is a public crowdfunding initiative of Spare Key. This program allows us to provide grants on behalf of families by using new technology platforms, social media and other marketing and communication tools.

By completing the registration and application, and signing a waiver at the end of this process, you agree that the following information will be used publicly by Spare Key to assist you and your family with your funding goals:

  • Family name and state
  • Amount of funding goal payments
  • Photos of family and applicant
  • Brief public story and communication about the injury or illness affecting the applicant
  • Any other information you provide that is included in the application process that is relevant to supporting our efforts to raise funds to support you and your family

Spare Key will not share information related to income or expenses or other information that is not provided explicitly by you in your application. Spare Key never provides confidential information to any third party unless specifically directed or authorized by you.

Please note: Your Help Me Bounce Blog Page will be accessible immediately upon approval by Spare Key Staff

If you have any questions prior to completing the registration process please call Spare Key at (952) 406-8872  or email

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Spare Key helps families in all 50 states across America with our Help Me Bounce platform.
Help Me Bounce serves families all across America

**Please note that Help Me Bounce applications are carefully screened to prevent any fraudulent activity. All attempts to host a fraudulent campaign - including, but not limited to, false claims of illness or injury, impersonating a medical professional to verify an illness or injury, or providing false information for your 3rd party servicer in funding goal information - will be denied and reported to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.