The Axlund Family on Help Me Bounce

Author  Sarah Putnam   on  08/23/2022 - 8:38am

Working for a nonprofit, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day…

Answering emails, designing marketing materials, and discussing how we can use technology to further our mission…

None of it is particularly exciting to read about, BUT it’s the reality of what goes on “behind-the-scenes”.

But as the Chief Marketing Officer here at Spare Key and Help Me Bounce, I also get to see the REAL reason we do everything I mentioned above.

I see families facing the unimaginable. Families that need a little more hope in their lives. Families that are SO incredibly grateful for the kindness of strangers.

I see REAL families sharing REAL stories connecting with donors that want to make a REAL impact.

Earlier this year, I had the honor and privilege to meet one of these families.


The Axlund Familly's Story on Help Me Bounce


The Axlund Family.

A family that had faced the unimaginable with their baby boy wanting to join the world too soon. A family whose mom had to stay in the hospital for weeks upon weeks to keep her unborn baby healthy while dad stayed at home over an hour away taking care of their other two boys.

And when baby Braven was born, the unimaginable challenges continued. With Braven in the NICU working to overcome a variety of health issues, his mom and dad had to balance time with Braven, time with his two brothers, and trying to stay on top of their mounting bills.

When they heard about Help Me Bounce, Braven’s parents, Britta and Ryan, had their doubts. They hadn’t shared their story with a lot of their own friends and family, so they were hesitant to share their journey with strangers. But they decided to fill out the application and see what happens.

That’s when the magic happened.

A family hundreds of miles away read the Axlund Family’s story, and decided they wanted to help. They were in the midst of selling their home and decided donate money with the sale of their house while also asking people within their own network to donate as well.

In short, this family hundreds of miles away raised 3 MONTHS of the Axlund Family’s mortgage in less than a week.

THAT demonstrates the power of Help Me Bounce.

The magic of strangers around the country finding a family facing the unimaginable, and then taking action. Strangers that want to make a direct and immediate impact on the lives of REAL families throughout the nation.

It’s stories like these that help me remember…

I’m not just creating a graphic or answering an email. Everything I do drives Spare Key’s mission of helping more families “Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.” My job ENSURES more people throughout the nation know about Help Me Bounce so that individuals can make a bigger impact with their donated dollars and so that families, like the Axlund Family, have a resource to help them out when they are facing the unimaginable.

Hear firsthand from Britta and Ryan about their experience on Help Me Bounce:


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