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Read family stories and learn about Help Me Bounce enhancements and industry trends

Young Family on Help Me Bounce
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: October 6, 2022
Working for Spare Key is a gift in itself. Director of Events and Corporate Relations, Talia Simonett, loves knowing the work that we do isn’t just a paycheck but it is truly making a difference. When she first started at Spare Key, one of her biggest responsibilities was working with Help Me Bounce families and assisting them through the application process. Little did she know one day she would be assisting one of her own loved ones to create a campaign on the platform. Read more on how a medical crisis can truly affect anyone.
What to have ready when you start an application for aid.
Author: Angela Frazier Published On: September 29, 2022
Our Help Me Bounce platform is a powerful resource for families facing medical crises across the nation. We want to reach more families who are facing the unimaginable and help relieve the stress they feel when coping with a medical crisis. My goal is to set up every applicant for success and provide them with confidence throughout their campaign’s journey. This installment to the Help Me Bounce Q & A Series is to prepare you for what is needed and what to expect during the application process. Read on to for everything you need to know before you apply!
Bills Across the Country
Author: Alexia Sebesta Published On: September 22, 2022
At Spare Key we believe no one should have to choose between paying their bills and taking care of their loved one. This is why we launched www.HelpMeBounce.org – the Nation’s First Donor Directed Giving Platform. Learn more about how Spare Key helps more families across the nation with more bills than ever before through Help Me Bounce.
Donors on Help Me Bounce
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: September 20, 2022
Meeting with families that shared their story on Help Me Bounce is so incredibly inspiring. Hearing these families explain what Help Me Bounce meant to them while they were facing the unimaginable is humbling. We are SO much more than a place to donate. We give families a place to share their story. We give them one centralized location to tell their friends, family, and network what they are facing and where they need help. Further, we give these families a space to be discovered by donors across the nation they don’t personally know who still want to help. These donors are SO incredibly important to families facing the unknown. Read on to hear first-hand how important these donors were to the Peterson Family from Luck, Wisconsin.
Ever-changing landscape of social networking
Author: Sandy Powell Published On: September 15, 2022
Social networking is changing and so are the people that consume it. What people share, how they share and the networks they utilize are shifting. So how do you make the best use of social networking anymore for your own campaign? Read on for ideas along with a history of social networks.
The Meaning of a Raffle Ticket
Author: Erich Mische Published On: September 13, 2022
Buying a raffle ticket to win a trip to Pebble Beach makes a HUGE difference in the lives of families facing unimaginable medical crises. The questions of “Who?”, “What?” and “Why?” behind that purchase are worth digging into deeper! Read Erich Mische’s most recent blog that covers why YOU should care about this raffle and how it impacts families on www.HelpMeBounce.org.
Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament
Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: September 8, 2022
On September 15th, 2022, Spare Key is excited to once again be the Benefitting Charity at Lend Smart Mortgage’s Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament presented by Network Title! With 150 golfers in attendance, this tournament is bound to be the “luckiest” one yet! Read on to learn about Mike Lust’s story, the charity golf tournament he inspired, and how you can get involved.
Run a mile for Spare Key's 25th Anniversary
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: September 6, 2022
On Thursday, September 15th, Spare Key’s Executive Director will be running 25 miles to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! We are asking our community to run a mile alongside him! But, MORE importantly, we are asking our runners (or walkers!) to find a family on www.helpmebounce.org and raise funds for that family throughout the day! Read on to find out how Spare Key is pledging to help YOU double your impact for a family facing unimaginable medical crises on Thursday, September 15th!
Qualify for Assistance
Author: Angela Frazier Published On: September 1, 2022
As the Help Me Bounce Program Coordinator, it’s my job to ensure families have the tools and resources to set up and maximize their success with their campaigns. My goal is to reach more families in need and ensure a better understanding of our processes. This is why I’ve decided to start a Q & A Series on the Help Me Bounce Blog! I will use this series to build one common place for resources where families can visit to get the help they need to complete their applications! Read on to get answers to one of the most common questions I get asked: Do I qualify for assistance?
Money Matters but People Matter the Most
Author: Erich Mische Published On: August 30, 2022
Of all of the assets that Spare Key values the most, there are none more important than the people that support our organization and mission. There’s no amount of money that can pay for the dedication, professionalism and commitment of staff, Board Members and above all else, volunteers!