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Events from Summer of 2022
Author: Talia Simonett Published On: August 11, 2022
This summer, Spare Key has been SO incredibly fortunate to partner with companies throughout the nation to support our mission of helping families facing real hardship pay real bills in real time! Read on to learn how your Spare Key team has spent these sunny days spreading awareness and raising funds to help families “Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.”!
Spare Key's Evolution into Help Me Bounce
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: August 9, 2022
Twenty five years of helping families facing a medical crisis. In those 25 years, Spare Key has grown, evolved, and updated our platform, but our core mission hasn’t changed. The mission of helping families. Whether that’s families with a sick or injured child in the hospital or our mission today of helping families facing a medical crisis no matter the age, income, or injury! We help families “Bounce and Not Break.”
The Kindness of Strangers Blog by Erich
Author: Erich Mische Published On: August 4, 2022
The phrase "It takes a Village" best describes how Spare Key has been able to help families "Bounce and not Break" since our founding in 1997. Twenty-five years later, that Spare Key Village continues to help families facing a medical crisis avoid adding a financial crisis to their lives.
Intro Help Me Bounce Blog
Author: Sarah Putnam Published On: July 29, 2022
Spare Key has officially launched our newest tool to keep families and donors informed on how we're working hard to create greater impact, enhance our program mission and share family stories: The Help Me Bounce Blog! Our mission is to help families facing unimaginable medical crises “Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found” and the launch of our Help Me Bounce Blog gives us another tool to further that mission.